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Transmisson Lines EPC Contractor

Telecom,Transmission Towers Contractor

Yasan Steel Structures Company established in 1994. The core business in Yasan is design, manufacture and erect electricity transmission towers.
Yasan Company was established in an area of 64000 m2 Consist of 8000 m2 workshops with more than 500 workforces which lead to annual capacity of 35000 MT. Yasan is a pioneer company in Iran's electricity industry  since 1994 which has distinctively focused on quality. In 2016, Yasan could gain top exporter award in Iran. 

Time, source and risk management are the principal of each project management. We are constantly improving the quality of products and services via tight working with quality control department. Project team consist of technical expertise who trained for more than 20 years. Thanks to our team, all projects including P.C and EPC projects exploited on expected time schedule so far.

Providing Steel Transmission Towers Requires Two Major supports. Firstly, Structures Should Be Designed And Tested, Then Manufacture In Equippted Factory.
No.8, 25th St., Saadat Abad Blvd., Tehran, Iran.
 021 8869 4115 (10 Lines)

021 8868 7928

P.O No. 1139, Kooshesh St., Mout Abad Road,
  7th Kilometer Arak-Tehran Road, Arak, Iran.
 086 3413 1515 (10 Lines)
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