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Our technical services divide to three main sections.

First, Pre-Production Services. Second, Production Services.

Finally, Post-Production.


At this stage engineering and commercial departments evaluate portion of project before any quote. Commercial department inquires for the most recent materials’ prices from reliable suppliers and assess other possible expenses in the project.


Engineering department starts assessing drawings and technical documents to ensure about optimum design for given loadings. They are also able to design towers according to weather condition of target location and line specifications in case there is no drawings and loadings. After acceptance of clients, the project goes to production section via engineering outputs including BOM and drawings.

At this stage production department begins its activities according to supplied materials and engineering outputs. At first step Planning and Programming department analyses priorities and calculates optimum procedures to reduce as much leftover as possible. Thereafter, certified workshop drawings are issued by planning and programming department for production line.


Production line includes three phases: Fabrication, Galvanization, and Packing which is operating under supervision of quality control team.

Three fully equipped workshops are responsible for fabrication including CNC workshop, Plate Workshop and Structure workshop. All workshops are responsible for process of cutting, punching, bending, and marking.

At Galvanization workshop all parts are responsible for coating by zinc according to ASTM standards. Firstly, all parts are washed and cleaned from rust and oil and then pre-heated for better result. Finally dip all parts into zinc coating oven.

Packing finished product is important to preserve parts from erosion and possible damages. At this stage quality control has checked all aspects of parts’ quality to be in compliance with applied standards. After packing all bundles and boxes are checked with QC team again to ensure about right packing.

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